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To get Ege University Personnel E-Mail Address:

* Institutional e-mail address is created on the system for the personnel who start to work if requested either by the department via official letter or by the personnel’s own application.

For information: Tel: +90 232-3113306 – 3113316

Ege University Student E-Mail Address:

* All of our students (associate degree, undergraduate, graduate, doctorate) are provided with e-mail addresses in the format of ogrencino@ogrenci.ege.edu.tr whose passwords are Turkish I.D. numbers. Since this process is automatically done, our students do not need to come to our department.

*The e-mail address designation of newly registered students is made within the month following their registration.

Tel: +90 232-3113306 – 3113316

To Get Department E-Mail Address;

E-mail addresses for the departments can be requested from the Directorate of Information Technologies via official letter indicating the department name.

They can request the e-mail addresses of the unit, indicating the unit name, in an official letter to the Information Technologies Department.


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